for your viewing (while eating ice cream, texting your best friend crying) pleasure:

Katie & Johnny

We had an epic wedding weekend with these two.         Since we live in different states we did not get to meet Katie and Johnny before their wedding but when we met in Costa Rica it all clicked.         They are such a kind and inclusive couple. We got to meet their friends and family and capture their wedding festivities all weekend in the most extraordinary location.     Thank you for letting us film your wedding day and tag along on your group adventure. It was an amazing trip. Cheers to your new life as Mr. and Mrs.   

Tori &

Tori and Tanner met by chance when Tori walked into his office in need of a 911 call for her first court case as a prosecutor. Tanner came to her rescue and helped her out. Later, down the road they met again when Tanner was a police officer. Tori thought he looked familiar and after searching old emails she realized he was the guy that helped her out one day with that 911 call. They have been together ever since. 

Nick & Lyndsey

These longtime sweethearts had the perfect spring wedding in downtown Indianapolis.

Family members shared speeches, poems and toasts about their love, the joining of their families, and gave the couple marriage & life advice. They all shared in the excitement about it finally being official. 


They had elegant, timeless details put together by the amazing @allinthedetails team.


Nick and Lyndsey seriously could not have asked for a more perfect day.


Congrats you two and cheers to a lifetime of happiness and love.

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