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Over on our services page, we talk about wanting our video studio to be part of your team. Not mercenaries, not even an extension of your staff - really in there with you. Here’s how we go about that, or in other words, how we can work together.

Step 1: get in touch.

Fill out the form below. If that feels a little too formal, just send us an email here (link) telling us about your project and timeline. It’s OK to not have all the answers right now. If you’re just in idea mode, we can figure out the details together in the next step.

Step 2: get to know each other.

We’ll schedule time with you and the other key folks on your team. Over coffee, over video chat or over at your place, we’ll ask questions to learn more about who you are and what you’re looking for. This is a big part of the process for us to make sure we really get your brand and the goals of your project. It also helps us figure out the scope and timing of what we’ll create together.

Step 3: get a quote.

Each project is different, so we don’t have a standard list of prices. Step 2 helps us figure out what you need and - just as importantly - what you don’t. Once we know that, we’ll get you a detailed quote.  We believe in being fair and transparent so what’s how we approach our pricing. Premium quality for a reasonable price.

Step 4: get started.

This is where the magic happens. If the first few steps went well and we’re ready to make this thing official, let’s cross the t’s and dot the i’s. We’ll put together a production schedule and editing plan to fit your timeline and needs. Then it’s time to get to work!  Once production kicks off, we’ll keep you in the loop with how things are going, where we’re at in the process and what else we need from you. If you’ve got any meetings you want us to join or updates you’d like us to provide, just say so and we’ll make it happen.

Step 5: get it done.

We’ll deliver the video on time according to the production schedule. If it’s not perfect, we’ll work together until it is. You’ve got up to three rounds of edits to make tweaks and adjustments to fit your dream vision. On the technical side of things, we can send you the final version in whatever format you’d like or host it on our vimeo page. For an additional fee, we can provide all our raw footage as well.

Let’s get to work.

Get in touch so we can start working together.

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